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Water Conservation

There is a growing concern about water conservation for the generations to come. Especially in our arid desert that we live in here in the Phoenix Valley. We must all try to do our part to conserve water. As a plumber, I know firsthand the problems that water saver shower heads, aerators and water closets, old inefficient water heaters, dripping hosebibs, leaky pipes and more, cause for consumers.

Water closets/toilets present the biggest problem for low water consumption. In the early 90’s we were introduced to the 1.6 G.P.F (Gallons/Flush) water closet/toilet. Everyone was displeased with the return. Most of the time you had to flush them twice or even three times – yuck!

Ok, so where’s the savings?

Also less water flow increased the occurrence of problem stoppages. These can cost you hundreds an incident! Alas, today we actually have a Toto” toilet that works, saves money & water!!! We recommend the Toto because it we love its quality, its efficiency, and it’s power. We feel good about our great warranties when we install a Toto.

More of Our Best Features

To us, meeting industry testing standards just isn’t enough. So we surpass them. We believe a toilet should be designed to meet the requirements of life, not just the lowest government standard. So we test. And test. We strive to push our products beyond industry requirements in order to reach a new level of performance.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) only requires a toilet to pass four basic tests. TOTO has not only proven itself in those tests, but we demand a level of performance in any toilet we are willing to install in your home or business that goes beyond these government imposed standards.

What does all of this testing deliver?

Industry leading performance and a toilet that you will be proud to own, will save you money, and provide you the quality and good looks you demand and deserve. It’s not just a toilet. It’s your health and a daily fixture that you should feel confident will perform worry-free.