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Health of the Nation

Superstition Plumbing has strived for over 28 years to make sure our customers’ environment is as healthy as possible. Our highly qualified force is trained to check every system for natural gas leaks and methane gas leaks. We explore places you would normally never think to look. We look for broken seals on toilets, dry P-traps and your venting systems. At Superstition Plumbing we even check for cross contamination of potable water that must be protected at all times. Your health is our biggest concern.

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Leaky Faucets

Leaky faucets can be both annoying and a preventable waste of money. Most leaks occur commonly in faucets, pipe joints and the toilet. Anyone can follow a few simple plumbing steps to solve this common household problem. Look closely at where the leak is centralized....

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Water Conservation

There is a growing concern about water conservation for the generations to come. Especially in our arid desert that we live in here in the Phoenix Valley. We must all try to do our part to conserve water. As a plumber, I know firsthand the problems that water saver shower heads, aerators and water closets, old inefficient water heaters, dripping hosebibs, leaky pipes and more, cause for consumers.

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