The Plumber’s Motto:
… Protect the health of the nation

Superstition Plumbing has striven for over 28 years to make sure our customers’ environment is as healthy as possible. Our highly qualified force is trained to check every system for natural gas leaks and methane gas leaks. We explore places you would normally never think to look. We look for broken seals on toilets, dry P-traps and your venting systems. At Superstition Plumbing we even check for cross contamination of potable water that must be protected at all times. Your health is our biggest concern.

To keep you safe we educate our customers on the appliances in your home. Take water heaters, for instance: water heaters can be dangerous. We urge you to allow our trained professionals to check and service them to make sure your heaters are up to city code and safe for you and your family’s protection. Since we use the latest equipment and technology, the task is a breeze for us. If we install a water heater for you, be sure to ask us about our five-year in house warranty.

Water conservation is another very important issue for most consumers and for us here at Superstition Plumbing. We only have a limited amount of water and must conserve it for the future generations. So the need to have proper flushing toilets and a good working shower is important. Utilizing some of the latest technology and appliances, we can ensure that toilets flush properly and hot water stays hot in the shower. Please don’t forget, saving water is saving money. And everybody wants to save money.

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