Don’t let water damage ruin a perfectly good vacation and home!

Everyone wants to go on a relaxing getaway vacation at least once a year, right? Its a time to relax and get away from all the stresses of everyday life and find some fun for awhile with those you care about or dreams you’ve longed to touch. The last thing you need is to come home from such a wonderful time in your life as a fabulous vacation to find your home damaged by water.

“Failed plumbing can ruin not only your vacation but your home, literally costing you thousands of dollars in damage and could cost you months in a hotel just to fix something that could easily be remedied.” says Roy Jorgenson, owner of the Phoenix Valleys Superstition Plumbing.

“Each year this kind of water damage costs homeowners billions of dollars!”

So how DO you protect and prevent your home from plumbing damage while you are gone on vacation? Your number one tool is to call your local trusted Plumber or Plumbing Technician. When you are looking at simple water damage prevention have the professionals come out and shut the water down to your home while you are away and turn it back on in time for your return. This would be the easiest and smartest choice when you are away. After all, if there is no water going into your home while you are gone, then there can be no damage, right? Well mostly, but your local trusted referred Plumber should be able to run through a check list with you that will keep you not only safe from water damage while your away, but worry-free.

As a professional Plumbing Service in our area we have heard all the horror stories o f people coming home from a would be perfect vacation to find there entire home flooded that started from an overflowing toilet or the like. Why take chances when you can follow these great safety tools:

    • Call your local trusted and referred plumber to shut off the water to your home.This is your first line of defense from nasty vacation ruining water damage.
    • If you need to have the water on to your home for some reason take reasonable precautions, (Your Plumber can also assist you in this list for peace of mind) such as:
    • Turning off the angle stops to your toilet (the valve that is attached to the wall to the toilet) and flushing the toilet after it is turned off so the tank is empty.


    • Turn off your ice maker in your freezer if the water is turned off to your home or if you are going to be gone for an extended time. (Meaning more than 2 days)


    • If it is winter time or any time of year where the pipes run the risk of freezing, leave the water on, but leave a sink or tub to drip in each area of the home enough that running water can flow and keep it from freezing. This also includes outside water valves and hose bibs, or water spouts as you may know them. Wrap them in a thick towel or plumbing insulation as well in extreme weather.
      (Note: If you have not insulated your homes plumbing you run the risk of serious water damage anytime the pipes go below freezing. It is not only a cost-effective preventative measure, but a smart money saving measure as well and can keep you from coming home to a major disaster. It is a higher expense that you will want to plan for, but do plan for it if you live in these areas of the world.)


    • Clean d ownspouts and rain gutters regularly to prevent roof and water damage from overflowing water that can end up in places that you do NOT want – inside your home or ruining landscaping in your yard.


  • Honestly, it is vitally important to your homes maintenance and damage prevention to at least once a year, inspect and replace worn fittings or loose hose connections on household appliances that use water. We know we need to replace the oil in our car every 3,000 miles but did you know that your plumbing also requires routine maintenance to keep your home safe and your home warranty valid? Check to see if your local trusted referred Plumber is offering a Free Pluming and Leak Inspection in your area. If so, take advantage of it and find out what your home needs to stay in shape for the year. Don’t ignore one of the biggest investments of your life by forgetting the routine yearly maintenance.

If you remember to include these simple and important plans into your next vacation preparation plans, you will enjoy not only your vacation more, but the return as well. So fear not, go on that dream vacation. You deserve to get away and enjoy what life has to offer! But make sure that you take care of home before you leave so you don’t have surprises on your return that can ruin the joy of getting away.

The Author, T. Dickinson, is the Office Manager and Marketing Liaison at Superstition Plumbingin Mesa, AZ. “These Are The Plumbers Your Friends Told You About” has been the motto of Superstition Plumbing for over 28 years of business for this family owned and operated service plumbing business. If you are in the Phoenix Valley give us a call for your commercial and residential service plumbing needs. We are almost completely referral based and take pride in being known for treating our customers with The Golden Touch so famous from us. For prompt professional service call 480-833-3112 anytime.

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